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“We always find the right solution to provide you with our best services and products for your specific needs.”

Erich Ephraim

Asset Management

Our clients have access to investment resources of outstanding quality that are carefully designed to complement their strategies. We provide a broad range of asset management services, helping institutional and private investors consolidate and improve their position on the financial markets while they focus on their daily business.

Strategic Investment Planning

A long-term investment strategy is the foundation of all professional asset management companies. We recommend reviewing the strategic plan at least once or twice a year as this allows you to make adjustment in the case of emerging liabilities and provides you with the latest forecasts relating to ongoing developments within the global markets. The objective is to divide investments among specific categories: equities, bonds, and if requested, alternative investments.

Strategic Investment at Ephraim

On the basis of our active and transparent growth strategy we design an investment proposal focused on long-term performance. In this way we do not view your investments as a singular transaction but always in the background of your future financial objectives.

If requested an ALM (Asset Liability Management) study can be included to the strategic investment planning, evaluating the long-term sustainability of the chosen business model.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio managers are responsible for implementing the mutually agreed upon investment proposition. Specialists in each market segment develop adequate investment proposals with the goal of achieving higher yields. The overall management of the portfolio ensures that mitigating risks and increasing returns are always set as principal priorities.

By outsourcing your investment management to Ephraim Global not only will you benefit from the cumulative knowledge and expertise of our team of market specialists, you will also be enjoy our low transaction fees, something that sets us apart from our competitors as one of Asia’s largest investors.

Risk Management

Risk management is undertaken separately from portfolio management; however they work in close connection to one another. Ephraim Global’s risk management continuously monitors and analyses the markets and existing risk factors.

Risk management usually precedes the management of your investment portfolio. An early warning system informs investors about the degree of risk presented by an opportunity and its ability to perform in the future.

The national and international supervisory authorities are constantly increasing the regulatory demands on the investment sector. In this respect, we are more than happy to help you meet the new requirements.


With Ephraim Global, as sole decision maker you always know what is happening with investment portfolio and how it is performing.

You receive specially tailored reports on a consistent basis which illustrate the portfolio’s performance and the revenue developments from the most relevant points of view. We meet the toughest demands on adaptability and data quality. We also issue the legally permitted range of your investment-related reporting obligations towards supervisory authorities by accurately fulfilling your reporting obligations.