About our Company

About Us

about Established in 2005 in Tokyo, Japan, Ephraim Global is an independent, progressive Asian asset manager for corporate, institutional and private clients.

Our services and products are focused on unrestricted asset management and capital appreciation.

Ephraim Global has more than 65 specialists each on three different time zones, including some of the most qualified financial analysts and committed portfolio managers. They are sustained by reliable professionals in the field as well as by hi-tech IT systems, having a grant total over 380 employees.

  • Our vision and mission

    Ephraim Global focuses on preserving and increasing the capital of its institutional and private clients through a worldwide result driven search for value generating investments. We focus on active, unrestricted asset management and asset categorization.

    The main aspects that set Ephraim Global apart are represented by: transparency, integrity, self-determination, efficiency and thoughtful investment procedures. Ephraim Global is kept in high regards by its clients thanks to our specific investment techniques and procedures based on prudent asset evaluation, extensive knowledge of the financial markets and substantial research.

    Our goal is to create value for all of our clients’ assets.

    A competitive, result driven service for both our private and institutional clients and direct access to our investment specialists are key elements to the success of our company.

  • Our Investment Ethics

    We are committed to invest with caution and concentrate on delivering client-orientated investment results. We consider that intelligent and thorough investment research gives us valuable market insight and offers us the ability to leverage our broad global presence across international markets. We focus on adequate risk management to ensure the success of our clients’ portfolios and the progress of our business. Taking into consideration all of these aspects and principles, we are more than confident that our talented and committed team of investment specialists is well positioned to deliver exceptional long-term performance.

  • Dedicated to providing transparent servicing

    Since our clients invest confidently with Ephraim Global it is in our best interest to design the most profitable investment solutions and to offer high-standard services. This requires an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and involves a complete dedication to exceptional services throughout the company.

    For that reason we have established a strong team of professionals that have a comprehensive understanding of international market conditions, all of the information that our clients need at their disposal and an extensive knowledge of our broad range of investment strategies, offering appropriate investment solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements and needs.

  • Our Philosophy

    Ephraim Global believes in continuous management and that original research coupled with a disciplined approach gives us an informational advantage that is necessary in guiding our portfolio managers to identify and extract value from attractive investment opportunities ahead of anybody else.

    We consider this is best reflected through investments organized as a series of specialist skill-based stocks united by shared global resources. Our dedicated professionals are structured internationally in skill-based strategy teams, each of them designing specialized investment processes and drawing from the shared resources and knowledge of a major global enterprise.

    Risk management plays a vital role in our asset management process as it helps us control and monitor the implications of all out investment decisions.